How to choose a trainer for doma

About simulators heard every. But where did this name? In English there is the word “to train” – to train. This word is quite aptly describes what the trainers that are training and training devices in order to develop the skeletal muscles and a variety of motor functions of the body.

There are two types of simulators :



Every person is aware that the benefit of physical activity is undoubtedly there. And the first thing that comes to mind is the person who wants to get in shape, – is buy some universal simulator and to build muscle, in the comfort of their home. But what if you bought the trainer is just gathering dust somewhere in a corner of the room, it is useless taking up living space? One reason may be that you have not seen the expected results or do you just not like to engage in home activities.

How to choose a trainer

If you decide to buy trainers. first decide what you want. To lose weight? To build muscle? To gain weight?

Secondly, decide what type of activity is more suitable for you. If you avoid even the most basic climbing stairs, buy stepper you don’t need. But if you like strolling or running, we should give preference to the treadmill. So you can enjoy Jogging at any time that you will be comfortable, regardless of weather conditions.

Third, calculate how much you can spend on the purchase of the simulator. The range of prices today are very high. Experts advise to buy a small and inexpensive trainer or anaerobic power type, and the rest of the money to buy a barbell, dumbbells or weights.

Fourth, think about whether you need additional features? This list includes stop watch, pulse meter and odometer. These devices significantly increase the price of the simulator. So, if you can do without them, using manual timer, spend less money buying the base model.

Consider also the storage conditions. Try placing it close to the socket that the wires do not interfere with free movement. Be sure to lay a rubber Mat under the trainer – it will save your neighbors from excessive noise, and the simulator from dust. It is important to measure the free space, but always with a reserve, the simulator is freely fit in the room.

Ask the seller to buy it. Are there any discounts, guarantees, as often there are breakdowns, how much is a repair? Basically, the warranty period is a year, but there are various options. Some shops provide the right to return the simulator after 30 days, if you did not come. This is a very good offer, because often it turns out that home trainer becomes just an expensive clothes hanger. To prevent this from happening, proactively soberly assess their needs and the ability to overcome your own laziness.

Often that training alone at home is boring, in this case, you must visit the gym or any sports section. There are also adventure sports that training you will literally fly: it is such a novelty, as kitesurfing. This water sport is a ride on the Board with the kite – special kite. Kitesurfing captivates from the first time: you just forget about laziness and boredom. While kitesurfing is well worked out all the muscle groups, especially the legs, hips and shoulders.

So the choice is yours: someone needs adrenaline and exciting experience, someone – measured workout at home. Whatever you choose, the important thing – that sport has become an integral part of your life.

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How to choose a trainer for doma
About simulators heard every. But where did this name? In English there is the word "to train" – to train. This word is quite aptly describes what the trainers that…


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