How to breathe correctly when Behe

Many do not know, but proper breathing is a very important aspect of every workout, whether it be running or performing any physical exercise. In addition, proper breathing not only performs the function of increasing the comfort and effectiveness of the exercise, and that raises the overall stamina of our body when that lends itself to physical activity.

This is because during physical activity, the level of absorption of

oxygen by the body increases. When running runs very large number of muscle groups. accordingly, the oxygen demand is very high. When a person fails to breathe properly during exercise, will decrease the overall strength endurance because the muscles will not be supplied with sufficient oxygen. In addition, the athlete increases the risk to make injury. For strength training in the gym proper breathing contributes not only proper technique but also the fact that protects your spine from injury.

Today I will talk about how to breathe correctly while running to make your workouts most effective and useful for you.

While running, it often happens that the human body does not receive enough oxygen, it gives the feeling of nausea starts to feel dizzy. This happens most often due to the fact that a person exceeds the speed of my run, which the body is exposed to the higher load and oxygen demand increases. A very important item in the correct Jogging is to choose the right pace.

If you started choking, dizziness and nausea, you should slow down before running to change your breathing technique. A little slowing down, take a deep breath, forcing the air no longer in the chest and in the stomach. It needs to be done to ensure that the most oxygen in the body. After, take a breath, trying to exhale all the carbon dioxide that has accumulated, and then make another deep breath. This breathing technique you need to perform at least 3-4 times.

Many argue that it is better and more correct to breathe through the nose, but this is a very controversial issue. Due to the fact that the nasal passages in humans is too narrow, breathing through the nose, the athlete only exacerbates their situation, creating a growing shortage of oxygen. The correct procedure is to perform breathing during exercise and through the nose, through the mouth and combining them. But there’s a stick with two ends. On the one hand, you need to cover the shortage of oxygen, on the other hand breathing through her mouth, we create the risk of debris entering the tonsils pests, dust and infection. So, my advice is to initially teach yourself to proper breathing techniques to prevent colds and the ingestion of all kinds of viruses.

Once you follow a few deep breaths, pick the right pace, and restore the balance of oxygen in the body, one should observe the pace constantly. Just about the right pace, this is when you perform step 3, taking a breath and step 2 exhale. At first, this pace will be difficult to maintain without some concentration, but after you auto will adhere to such rate of breathing.

Also, a very important point is to maintain a certain level of heart rate. My advice to you is to buy a heart rate monitor to track heart rate. When running the pulse should be at the level of 60-80% of the maximum. And at the end of the article, if you are slim build and don’t want to lose muscle mass but want to run, I can advise after Jogging, to make a weight gainer at home .

For running you can use treadmills for the home. But still better to go for a run in the fresh air, this is my personal opinion.

I hope this information was useful to you. Breathe while running properly and soon you will be able to run 3 km and even more. If you have any questions, please do not be shy and ask me in the comments. That’s all, good luck!

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