The time of recovery of skeletal muscle after exercise

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The time of recovery of skeletal muscle after exercise

After a while, I sometimes re-read your posts. When it comes to fresh thought or if I decide. something’s not finished, I’m updating and upgrading. So this article considered incomplete and decided to add. In the scientific wilds will not go.

This information will be especially useful for bodybuilders straight.

The recovery time of the muscles in bodybuilding – this is one of the most important factors in muscle growth. As you know, muscles do not grow during training. and during the rest and recovery. Even if you follow all the rules of bodybuilding workouts, without sufficient time to recover all your efforts will be wasted.

Everyone who started bodybuilding, sooner or later you will be faced with this question. So what is the optimal time for muscle recovery?

Consider the issues: phase recovery of skeletal muscle after a workout, the speed and time of their occurrence. the effect of increasing the resilience of the body under the influence of physical exercises. or rather erroneous opinions, and the effect of different workouts during the recovery of skeletal muscle.

The resilience-building.

Our body has limited ability to recover, but many aspiring bodybuilders think that the more the experience of training. the faster muscle recovery. But it’s not. Yes, internal organs and glands that produce hormones, begin to work more efficiently and increase the speed of recovery, but not by much. Otherwise, professional athletes will not use dope!

Another myth. Some people think that the more muscle, the more you should exercise. But it is not. Let me explain why. Large and small muscles can overcome a certain maximum weight and the enormous mechanical stresses and get the training stress and damage to the myofibrils in proportion to the force which can develop muscles. For example, imagine that. beginner bodybuilder doing a bench press with a weight of 60 kg for ten repetitions and damages 5% of myofibrils, and an experienced bodybuilder shakes 150 kg for 10 reps, and also receives minor injuries in the amount of 5%. As a result, the novice and the expert receives an adequate stimulus for muscle growth.

Speed muscle recovery is limited because of the limitation of the speed of metabolic processes in the human body. Given that the rate of metabolism in young people of approximately the same, for recovery after exercise and increase bicep size 56 cm need more time than is required for bicep size 37 see larger muscles spend more energy than small in the same workout.

There is one more error. For example, the novice comes to gym, doing exercises for each muscle group once a week for each exercise two working approach and for the first time gets a good result. Then, it increases the load on the training to become stronger and do 4 sets in the exercise, but continues to train each muscle once a week. As a result, the strength and muscle mass is not growing. Why? Since the load in training was increased, the energy consumption also increases, and the recovery time of the muscles remains the same – one week, which is not enough. How to solve the problem? It is necessary to increase the rest time, for example, up to two weeks. What to do while muscles are recovering? To do light workouts that are not energy intensive and do not cause microtrauma to the muscles. But. looking for guys in trenazherku. before that few people realize. All shake and shake, more and more intense. and more often! But, not growing!

For this reason, many have turned to drugs, because I don’t try to think and understand the essence. do not study information. Although correct information is not enough. Even in the global services upon request «muscle recovery time” in the first place authoritative site. offering old outdated and superficial.

Of course, the doping can speed up muscle recovery, but it is necessary. I think professional bodybuilders who are in it for the money and have big ambitions, and plans, and they understand that it will have consequences on this are under the supervision of doctors. By agreeing to the use of doping you have to understand that this will have consequences for your body.

I will say again that I am not the enemy of steroids and other fredderick, but the foregoing must be understood.

The influence of different types of workouts for muscle recovery

Different types of training require different time to recover. For example, aerobic exercises cause significant energy costs, but does not cause damage to a large number of myofibrils. After the aerobic workout is restored mainly muscle glycogen. Depending on the length of the training can take from one day to three.

Anaerobic exercises also consume energy. but plus induce microtrauma to the muscles. For this reason, recovery will take longer because you need to replenish muscle glycogen and restore damaged myofibrils.

Muscle recovery after physical exercise has the following temporal phases:

1. The recovery of creatine phosphate.

2. The removal of degradation products (lactic acid, hydrogen ions)

3. The restoration of electrolyte balance and fluids.

4. Recovery of muscle glycogen.

5. Recovery of protein structures.

The recovery of creatine phosphate

Creatine phosphate gives us the ability to overcome large, but short-term load or make a powerful, but short-term effort. For example, fast running and bench press maximum weights. The amount of phosphocreatine decreases rapidly. Within 15-20 seconds of exercise, the amount of creatine phosphate falls almost to zero, but rises very rapidly. Within 2.5 minutes after the exercise is restored to the initial level, and after 5 minutes there is supercompensate.

The removal of degradation products (lactic acid, hydrogen ions)

In the working muscles due to increased anaerobic glycolysis (weight training), lactic acid and hydrogen ions that during exercise, reduce muscle performance. The elimination of these decay products is about one hour of time. So the myth that muscles are sore the next day because of lactic acid that accumulates in muscle in training yesterday – dispelled.

The restoration of electrolyte balance and fluids

As a result of execution of works associated with significant sweating, the body loses minerals, followed by a period of replenishment of water and mineral salts, which should come with food.

Restore muscle glycogen

The recovery time of muscle glycogen after exercise depends on the duration and intensity of your workout. On average, after strength training completion takes about two days, and on the third day is supercompensate. But if the workout was very long, such as long hours running, then it may take more than three days.

Recovery of protein structures

During weight training there are huge mechanical loads. The myofibrils. located in muscle fibers. are exposed to a powerful bursting impact. Because myofibrils are all of different lengths, during exercise the shortest myofibrils take the load and explode.

After the myofibril is destroyed, it must be completely destroyed, lysosomes begin to dismantle it. Further, in seven days, she manages to break down within three to four days, and then half be synthesized as 3-4 days. Further, 90-95% muscles recovered within fifteen days, but in General, completely – Kolo 90 days.

The longest is built tendinous portion or collagen, (transition from muscle to tendon). Which means that the muscle has recovered. and part of the tendon continues to recover.

It follows from the foregoing that the developmental, hard workout on the same muscle group should be performed not more often than once in two weeks!

Remember! Only complete muscle recovery! Otherwise, a good and stable results in the increase in muscle mass can not see. Very frequent workouts can do more harm than good, can lead to depletion of the body. Getting adequate rest. the muscles will delight you increase strength and mass.

More detail. with scientific justification, about the growth of the muscles, read the posts «How do muscles grow?”

The recovery time of skeletal muscles

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The time of recovery of skeletal muscle after exercise
Bodybuilding. How fast to build muscle?! About the blog I went from simple pitching to the champion of Ukraine on bodybuilding and decided to create a blog. on which you…


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