Endurance tennis player

It is important to know!

Endurance is the quality that allows to maintain the necessary level of performance for a long time tennis player at all levels of training. Fatigue is the cause not only a decrease in the efficiency of the motor functions, but also reduce the concentration of attention, which entails technical and tactical errors. The endurance is of great importance for the overall strengthening of the body, because it reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and respiratory diseases. There are two types of endurance –

aerobic and anaerobic. Aerobic endurance – the ability to perform physical activity in a usual mode of delivery of oxygen by the body. Anaerobic endurance – the ability of a prolonged doing work in conditions of oxygen deficiency.

Under endurance generally refers to “physical and psychological ability of the athlete to fight fatigue”. While in tennis endurance plays a special role.

During the match the players using the entire endurance of your body, perform infinite dashes in fighting off the ball, but most of all stamina resource is used to restore strength in the intervals, and also at longer intervals (these intervals and pauses actually help the player’s body to restore the energy expended in the previous half).

Short-term and long-term endurance are one of the most important factors in developing the necessary physical skills of the player and require focused attention from trainers.

To date, endurance has developed through a long, exhausting runs, swims, Cycling and ski runs on rough terrain. But for several years there is a practice of developing endurance on the tennis court through special exercises, exercising all major muscle groups.

The basic principle of successful implementation of the mentioned workouts – continuity: at the end of one activity and before the next player must run around a tennis court two or three times for a maximum reduction in heart rate (number of beats per minute varies greatly depending on the age and qualification of the player; for example, the average thirty-year player’s heart rate is averaging 150-160 beats per minute).

We present to your attention a few exercises on the court to develop the stamina needed players seeking to survive in the most grueling matches.

1) Lateral movement with a heavy ball. The player makes a quick lateral movement on the edge of the court rectifying and clasping hands with heavy balls. The weight of the ball to convert exercises are selected each player individually and the number of repetitions of this exercise with a heavy ball can significantly increase the heartbeat. After two or three approaches throw the ball and run the court.

2) move forward, knees bent with twists and a heavy ball. Tennis player takes his hand heavy ball and starts moving to the net, knees bent. It should make turns Breasts into your front knee, the ball and keep aside. After two or three approaches nurse on the court. When performing this exercise it is very important to make long steps and fully bend the knees, making the chest turns 90 degrees and the ball leaving aside.

3) Long races since lifting the ball from the ground. Tennis player runs from center court to the edge, picking up the first of 10-12 balls, located at the base in the form of a semicircle. Picking up the ball, the player runs and throws them in the basket located on the Central database of the court. Do several repetitions for at least one minute for a substantial increase in heart rate. Picking up the balls, do not arch your chest forward so as not to disturb the proper leg curl.

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