Exercise GAK-squats


Unlike conventional sit-UPS, hook – squats work much better quads and aiming to “iron” them to the side. Because of this, this exercise is used not only to increase the mass of the quadriceps, but also to hone the lateral thigh muscle, it allows you to be much more distinct separation between the quadriceps and hamstrings.

GAK – squats is essential for people engaged in the long jump, the height,

Jogging, volleyball, soccer and other team sports.

The technique of the exercise

Stand in the SJC – trainer. Substitute your shoulders under the upper rollers and firmly press the back to the support. Feet spread shoulder width apart, feet out slightly forward, so that they were closer to the upper edge of the platform (they should be located at a distance of about 30cm from the plane of the body). Keep the legs slightly bent at the knees, torso straight, and the chin lock so that it is parallel with the platform. All the time of the exercise of SARS must keep in constant tension and never for a moment to tear it from the support, while maintaining the natural bend in the lower back.

Taking a deep breath, hold your breath and stoop to until thighs will not be in the position parallel to the platform (in the knee joints at this point will be a right angle). Not taking a breath, struggling to force quadriceps and with force, but without a jerk, push yourself up. Squats and lifting should merge into one continuous movement. Exhale when you overcome the most difficult part of the ascent.


In order not to overload the lower back, to avoid injury of the knee joints, and also not to cause permanent temptation to separate the torso from the support, do not put feet directly below the pelvis is put closer to the inner edge of the platform or in the middle. Not to pull back from support and execute the exercises correctly, imagine that You are doing squats against the wall – hug her as tightly as possible and slide up and down. Thanks to this visualization, You will learn not to relax the lumbar muscles for a second and keep your back straight throughout the approach.

GAK – squats are a much safer exercise than squats with a barbell. While squatting with a barbell, You are strongly tilt the body forward and bend your knees. Consequently, the muscles of the back thigh, fastened to the knee and hip joints, are stretched to the limit and try to rotate the hip forward, causing the rounding of the back. In the SJC – squats it can’t happen, because You don’t bend the body and do not bend your knees so much.

The load in the hook – squats, focused on the quads much stronger than squats with a barbell or Smith machine, primarily considering the external head of the quadriceps. The closer You move the feet to the top edge of the platform, the more load is shifted to the upper part of the quadriceps. And the lower You squat, the more you will work the glutes, in this case, the load on the quads will remain the same.

Don’t forget about the breath, it will help to maintain constant tension in the muscles surrounding the lower back. If You make premature breath (especially at the bottom), the intrathoracic pressure will decrease, and stability of the spine will fall.

In no case do not stop at the lowest point: immediately squeeze yourself up. To change the direction of motion must promptly, but no breakthrough.

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