Sedentary work swollen legs, back pain, tips, exercise for sedentary work –

Today, more and more physical labor is replaced by mental, active work comes sessile. And no matter how they say that the work in the office much easier physically hard work, it is not. Here and the doctors confirm that sedentary work in offices is fraught with many dangers to the human body. So many people know that someone with a sedentary job, swollen legs, back pain, and tips, exercise for sedentary work to help try to give.

What are the dangers of a sedentary job?

So, if your work excludes active operation, but involves serious mental and nervous loads, you face the following diseases:

• osteochondrosis of the cervical spine and cervico-thoracic radiculitis;

• poor circulation of the brain, neuritis and neuralgia;

• hemorrhoids, constipation, prostatitis;

• eye problems;

• psychoneurosis.

Adapt the workplace

If you work in a correct posture will save yourself a lot of problems. Office workers are constantly working at the computer, it is very important to choose the right chair. Several recommendations from podiatrist:

• even the most convenient household chair are not suitable for office work;

• choose a chair with adjustable height, with the ability to tilt the backrest;

• the chair seat should be soft enough;

• the backrest and seat have to repeat the contours of the body;

• if you use the keyboard, the chair must be the armrests;

• armrests should be positioned at the level of the keyboard;

• the monitor should be located directly in front of your eyes, so there was no need to tilt or turn the head, constricting the blood vessels.

And, of course, sitting in the workplace, you cannot forget the warm-up. Do not work ad nauseam. From this thought “blurry”, the simplest steps you have to do twice as long. And therefore decreases their productivity.

Should arrange a short breaks to active (as far as possible in the office) guests. To do this every 2-3 hours hop off from work to drink tea, and even better – to make a small charge. There are several exercises that you can perform, on the spot, but to help relax and get to work with renewed vigor.

• Improve cerebral blood circulation will help head turns to the right-straight-left. To do the exercise slowly so as not dizzy, every turn can be accompanied by a deep inhalation and exhalation. Ago head better not to tilt.

• Also to improve blood circulation can have a little neck massage. To do this, from the hair line on the neck to the shoulders make soft strokes, then a circular motion on the pillows of fingers.

• To remove nervous tension, tighten all the muscles of the body for a few seconds and then relax for 15 seconds, lowering his head and closing his eyes.

• We must not forget that when working at the computer very much strain to the eyes. To ease their burden, every 2 hours cut loose from the monitor at least 15 minutes to do warm-up for the eyes. For example, hard zazhmurte for 5 seconds, open your eyes, look into the distance for 5 seconds, then again zazhmurtes Repeat the exercise several times. Helps and fast blinking for 15 seconds.

The following physical exercise for sedentary work will replace a small workout in the gym. You don’t have to get up from his seat, disrupting the work schedule.

Exercise 1 . Sit up straight, as usual. Socks and heels put together. Push up socks (forward, not side to side), as if going uphill, it does not distract from the floor of the heel. Repeat a few times.

Exercise 2 . Adopt the same position as for exercise 1. But this time, lift your heels, keep your socks from the floor.

Exercise 3 . Sitting on a chair, straighten the first one, then the other leg. Back try to keep straight. Repeat a few times.

Exercise 4 . Tighten your glutes for a few seconds, then relax. Repeat the exercise 10 times. Next time increase the number of repetitions to 15, thus gradually increase the load to 30 iterations.

Exercise 5 . On the inhale, pull your stomach, straining the muscles on a long exhale keep your muscles on their toes. Relax. Repeat 10-15 times.

Exercise 6 . Hands close to the castle behind you, straighten your chest, pinch shoulder blades together. Hold this position for a few seconds. Relax. Make a few repetitions.

Exercise 7 . Right hand pull to the side, strain, riscoperta fingers. Left hand on your head, fingers lightly touch his right ear. Tilt your head to the left. In this case the left hand “push” the head and the right hand create a counterbalance. Take a few slopes (30 seconds). Opposite arm.

Exercise 8 . Hands close to the castle so that the elbows looked to the sides, palms was at the back of his head, but did not touch it. Straighten the chest. Hold this position for several seconds.

Exercise 9 . Bend down, making the back wheel. Shoulders forward, head down. Relax for a couple of seconds. Then straighten the back.

Don’t forget that a sedentary job for our body is a heavy load. Take care of your health before it’s too late.


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