Elliptical trainer for weight loss rules of use for trainings and tips

How effective is an elliptical trainer for weight loss – this question still exists a lot of conflicting views. In the end, it all comes down to how you use this training machine. When on the ellipsoid, as with other physical exercise for dropping excess weight, it is important to consider several key points, without which all your efforts will be wasted, and the advice and recommendations of specialists seem far from the truth, is not benefiting.

First, for weight loss, including using the elliptical trainer, you must burn more calories than you consume. Of course, any movement leads to loss of calories. But if you are right after a workout, rush to the fridge and begin to destroy the sandwiches, the chances of weight reduction is very small. You should always maintain a reasonable balance between intake and expenditure of calories.

Secondly, to lose weight using elliptical trainer you need to do and do it with pleasure. For example, if average load running allows you to consume twice as many calories than the ellipsoid. But will you be able to regularly force myself to put on shoes and go to the platform to overcome round and round? Or perform other exhausting exercise. If “Yes”, then an elliptical trainer for you has no meaning. It is necessary for those who prefer a relaxed and comfortable move, burning calories and reducing weight, not missing a workout for computer games, favorite videos, or just sitting in a chair.

Thirdly, you will get from the workout is just so much effort put into it. It’s not enough just to stand on the pedals of the ellipsoid and sluggishly move for 20-30 min. you need to Do to protrusion of sweat. But what about the calorie counter? Practice shows that the accuracy of the meter readings can be up to 50% depending on various factors. For example, when you lean on the handrails, his reliability is significantly reduced. This is true for almost all cardio exercise equipment, with the exception of the treadmill, which was originally developed for medical purposes. Therefore, control pulse, at the initial stage it should be no more than 60% of the permitted maximum, and takes up a sweat!

How to use elliptical machine for weight loss

Exercise and a healthy diet will help to burn more calories and this will lead to weight loss. An elliptical trainer allows you not only to lose weight, it trains the cardiovascular system, helps tighten the muscles, and the variety in the workout programs will relieve you of tiresome monotony. To practice on the ellipsoid you’ll need the usual clothing and footwear for fitness and, of course, himself a trainer. And then, stick to the following plan:

1. Go on the Stairmaster for 30 minutes no less than 4 times per week, this will allow to produce a certain heart rate, helps burn calories.

2. Select a suitable workout program. Programs are designed in a variety of endurance and circuit loads simulates the roughness of the terrain in the mountain, from the mountain”. As a rule, modern elliptical trainers allow you to create your personalized program for weight loss.

3. Start training with the first level, gradually increasing the load. Preferably first cycles are run at constant load, and then add “slides”.

4. Control the intensity of your workout, avoid excessive stress in the hands, feet, back, neck. Keep your posture, shoulders and knees should not protrude beyond the stop.

5. During the lessons involve the abdominal muscles, over time you will notice that this part of the figure became much more slender.

6. Monitor heart rate during exercise by using sensors embedded in the handle. If too intense workouts you burn not fat, and muscle mass.

7. To burn more calories, increase the cadence. Thus you should not worry about muscle-kegs on legs, to increase their volume you’ll need to pedal too fast.

What should be the diet for weight loss using elliptical trainer

When losing weight it is important to not only the quantity but also the quality of calories consumed. As for the number, there are no special requirements, traditional 1500 -2000 calories a day and at least 4 workouts a week for 30 min. the Quality of food is of particular importance. First of all, it is not recommended to eat foods labeled “diet”, for example, diet yogurt, diet cereals, etc. In the composition of these products is too many chemical additives that provide a high degree of processing. Much better to save a bit of calories every day and make 1 fasting day a week.

Eat fresh, without heat treatment, fruits and vegetables and a minimum of canned foods, fats and sweets. Reduce your intake of salt and sugar, also underwent a chemical treatment and damaging the vessels and tissues. Cake or ice cream – it’s delicious, and eliminating them completely is very difficult. Just try to keep these treats appear in your menu only occasionally, and the next day arrange unloading and continue to eat properly.

Weight loss is often a very long process. Therefore, in our fast age, when you want to get a result here and now, it is easy to become discouraged and quit trying. But be realistic and go to the target, your weight will decrease as long as you aspire to this. Elliptical trainer for weight loss is a great tool, don’t give up, overcome the difficult days and go according to plan, and then you will discover a unexpected potential, leading to success!

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