Interview with Nadezhda Langerman

Fitness instructor Nadezhda Langerman:”Any activity – it’s great!”

Hope Langerman

fitness instructor

Sports boom is sweeping the world. Every few months in Vladivostok opens new fitness clubs, health clubs and beauty, gyms, sports and dance Studio. At the moment 2GIS has 63 fites club, 11 yoga studios, 51 dance Studio and 9 swimming pools. In connection with this sports activity, we decided to speak with the Hope that Langerman, fitness instructor and personal trainer at

women’s fitness club ’s Fitness Lady”.

Hope, please tell us how long You exercise?

From my early childhood. As soon as I turned 3 years old, my parents took me to the section of rhythmic gymnastics. Then 5 years I studied ballet. In 15 years was fond of volleyball and played Continue reading

Preparation for the study of sperm

A study ordered by Your doctor. The purpose of the study is to objectively evaluate Your reproductive function. To obtain reliable results, You need to prepare yourself for undertaking this study.

Disposable containers for the collection of semen can be obtained in the clinical diagnostic laboratory in 712 office.

Preparing to study:

The ejaculate should be collected after sexual abstinence for at least 2 days and not more than 7 days. Failure to observe the time interval in sexual abstinence, frequent sexual intercourse may promote a dramatic decrease in the number of sperm in the ejaculate and their quality parameters (motility, viability). Abstinence more than 6-7 days a part of the sperm (the “old”) is discharged into the seminal vesicles and dies. To assess accurately in this case, the function of the testicles is impossible.

Do not consume Continue reading

Morning exercises physical exercises

Morning exercises physical exercises

In General form activities include: planning of the training process, acquiring the necessary knowledge, finding Finance for the purchase of sports uniforms, equipment, training places for training, and finally medical examination. What should be the correct exercise of the morning physical exercises?

Take “adopted” two forms of recovery process: daily morning exercise and two or three evening a week (or maybe more convenient for you morning or afternoon) physical exercise.

Planning sessions will consist of a selection of exercises and their sequence, determine the number of rational repetition, selection charge time and training, but also in determining the content and time works on all the other above mentioned elements of the organization.

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