Diet Ksenia Sobchak

“Socialite” and quite a popular TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak always in sight. And if her behavior is very often satisfactory, then the figure can only envy. Is there a special diet Ksenia Sobchak? Following the approval of the Xenia, maintain good form she is helped by regular exercise and nutrition in Shelton.

Regular physical activity

According to Xenia, sport should be a part of life. And even if at first,

this process does not cause violent delight, over time the body will get used to physical activity and not be able to do.

The Xenia is engaged in a gym at least 3-4 times a week under the guidance of a personal trainer. In addition, she loves to walk on a mountain bike, does not neglect skiing and snowboarding, considering that outdoor activities much more efficient. Most importantly, says Ksenia, exercising regularly, avoiding “shock”, and purely formal exercise.

The principles of nutrition

When you select daily menu should adhere to the principles of separation of power — there are compatible and incompatible products. The reason is that every food causes the release of certain types of gastric juice (varies as its chemical composition and quantity). The mixing of diverse products leading to serious disruption of the digestive process.

The benefits of separate food

Anyone who adheres to such principles (including Ksenia Sobchak, noted improvement of health, reduction of fat reserves and the absence of intoxication.

Disadvantages of separate nutrition

Not every person is capable of long time to adhere to the dietary guidelines for Sheldon – the absence of the usual dishes are healthy and always present hunger act on the psyche negatively.

The doctors, in the majority, believe that the human body was originally designed for the consumption of diverse foods, so the combination of different products to no adverse effect on digestion has not.

The basic rules of the diet

• Eat only when you experience strong feelings of hunger, when gladly eat even something completely tasteless

• Water can be drunk no later than 10 minutes before the meal, and not earlier than 30 minutes — after any fruit. after a couple of hours — after a meal containing starch and 4 hours after protein meals

• Any food needs to be chewed thoroughly

• The table should discard negative thoughts and forget about the problems

• Do not overeat in any case — the stomach may be filled only 2/3 of its volume

• In one meal should not be part of diverse products

• The temperature of the food should be more comfortable, neither cold nor hot

• Almost half of the diet should consist of raw plant foods

• Berries and fruits should be eaten separately from any meal, especially blueberries and melon

There are foods that should be excluded from the diet:

1. Refined sugar and products on its basis

2. Smoked meats, sausages and pickles

3. Margarine, mayonnaise, refined oil

4. Carbonated drinks, cocoa, tea, coffee

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