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The recovery of the body after stress

Usually after a severe and prolonged physical and emotional stress the entire human body, especially the muscles get strong overload and stress, restoring to it’s original physical form and emotional tone going on for quite a while.

Athletes have only 2 outlets or wait for full muscle recovery forces of the organism . and not to interfere in this process. Or use quick methods to restore the body and muscles to help your body to recover . and thus to be able to do more and achieve greater results.

Naturally in conditions of tough competition in the field of sports and sports technology, the athletes just have to resort to various methods of accelerated muscle recovery, and who wants to feel pain or discomfort in the muscles for a long period of time.

Also, all of these methods will help to quickly restore your nervous system, and not just from sports exertion, but mental, and even from nervous exhaustion Continue reading

Method PSV

The method of Continuous Hidden training and physical Influence on the body (PSV)

A simple Way to Lead a healthy lifestyle without changing your lifestyle

The method of Continuous Hidden training and physical Influence on the body (PSV) is a system enhancement of natural physical activity (Snow ) for healing the body. PSV is a natural method of healing the body and the author’s system of physical therapy . Back pain and joint pain, varicose veins and cellulite on the legs, swelling and cramps, excess weight, shortness of breath, heart problems and blood vessels. All this and

thousands of other ailments and health problems and appearance are the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle . the result of lack of exercise . necessary for the health of each person. Modern man, being constantly under time pressure, feeling the fatigue from the huge psychological overload, as a rule, has no ability, effort, time and desire to visit the gym, to provide themselves with even the most minimal physical exertion, without which the human your body to work normally.

Exercise for the health of the PSV method will allow Continue reading

How to quit Smoking without gaining weight?

How to quit Smoking without gaining weight?

Is it true that when you quit Smoking, better?

Unfortunately, this claim is quite valid reasons. Quitting Smoking can really provoke weight gain and there are quite objective reasons. The fact that the usual dose of nicotine in the body is not supplied and this increases the feeling of hunger. Nicotine hunger is very similar to conventional, and therefore a former smoker tries to drown it in extra meals. Our brain is designed in such a way that the area responsible for hunger, pleasure and any dependencies are in close proximity to each

other. Therefore, the food saturation slightly dulls the nicotine hunger.

This is the main reason for the appearance of extra pounds in those Continue reading

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