In the family pool

In the family pool

Swimming is useful at any age

About the benefits of swimming are well documented. If you want to lose weight, relieve stress and just to cheer yourself up, then swimming will help to solve all these problems. Those who have not turned in your schedule a regular trip to the pool, it is worth considering. But if you can’t swim, it does not mean what to do in the pool you have nothing. Maybe it’s time to start to learn? Once the material on active and healthy leisure “Home” prepared an overview of urban basins in

different parts of the city. Recall that for swimming you will need to undergo a medical examination and obtain a certificate of health.

Sports complex “Olympic”

Schedule: weekdays from 7 to 22 hours, in the weekend from 10 to 22 hours.

Cost: adults-200 rubles per hour to 17 hours, 250 RUB/hour after 17 hours and weekends. For children 150 rubles/hour, up to 10 years 80 rubles per hour. Individual lessons with an instructor for adults 400 USD/ 45 min group sessions with children 150 RUB./45 min.

Sports complex “spark”

Schedule: Thursday, Saturday from 8 to 22 hours.

Cost: adults-180 RUB./hour, for children from 7 to 14 years: 90 roubles per hour.

The cultural and sports center Olympic training “vanguard”

Schedule: from 9 to 21 hours.

Cost: adults-180 RUB./hour to 17 hours, 190 rubles/hour after 17 hours. For children 130 rubles per hour, up to 4 years free of charge. Discounts on family visits. Lessons with an instructor – 300 rubles/hour.

Health complex and veterinary Institute

Schedule: daily from 18 to 22 hours

Cost: adults-180 RUB./hour, for children from 7 to 14 years 130 rubles per hour, up to 7 years free of charge. For children under 7 years free.

Sports complex “Youth”

Schedule: from 7 to 22 hours, lunch from 13 to 14 hours. The timetable in advance.

Cost: adults-170 RUB./hour, 195 RUB./hour and a half, for children up to 14 years 90 rubles/hour, group swimming lessons for children 100 RUB./hour, with adults 200 rubles per hour.

Sports complex OmSU

Address: the square of Litskevich, … Sovetskaya byelorussiaî, 1.

Schedule: daily

from 10 to 22 hours, with 13 to 14 hours lunch. It is possible to rent the pool, please check the schedule.

Cost: adults-200 rubles/hour (with sauna), children up to 12 years, 150 RUB/hour, publish lessons for adults and children 300 rubles/hour.

Vladlena Tolstikhina, instructor, SK “Youth”:

– Swimming is primarily a health effect. Relaxes and stretches the vertebrae. Allows you to correct the scoliosis first, second degree. Helps to solve some respiratory problems, improves respiratory endurance. In this case, the load is considered lightweight, but work all the muscle groups. Calms the nervous system, improves digestion, has a bracing effect.

The editor of the weekly “DG” thanks for the help in material preparation sports complex “Youth”

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