The benefits of swimming during pregnancy

The useful benefits of swimming during pregnancy for the mother?

For the mother the benefits of swimming during pregnancy is obvious. First, swimming helps to develop all muscle groups, including those muscles that will be involved during childbirth (the muscles of the abdomen, perineum, pelvis and pelvic floor). As noted by midwives, professional swimmer, as well as those who just attended swimming lessons during the pregnancy, give birth easier and faster, the risk of breaking is less. Yes and wear all the time growing tummy will become easier if the back muscles will be strengthened!

Secondly, swimming encourages relaxation, helps to get rid of back pain, back pain, swelling and varicose veins. The spine is stretched in water, the load on it is reduced and, accordingly, they leave pain. Even mothers who have a threatened miscarriage due to overexertion of the muscles of the abdomen, doctors specially recommend to swim to relieve hypertonicity! And it’s nice to just lie on the water belly down when he’s loose, relaxed hovers and pulls you to the ground!

Third, swimming is exceptionally positive effect on the cardiovascular system, which is experiencing during pregnancy a lot of stress. The pressure of the water helps the blood to circulate faster, not giving her and lymph to stagnate. It turns out that even one visit to the pool is able to improve the condition of blood! Also improves blood circulation in the lower extremities, the abdomen.

Fourthly, swimming lessons help prepare for childbirth respiratory system mom. Because swimming helps correct ventilation and training the respiratory system. And it is correct, correct breathing helps to supply the blood of the expectant mother and therefore the baby of oxygen, which is important during pregnancy and during childbirth

If you’re not very, fifthly, swimming during pregnancy helps to control weight. Indeed, during swimming burns 680 calories per hour, and also increases the power consumption. Sixthly, develops endurance and increases the immune system. Seventh, the expectant mother learns better your body, its capabilities, which helps to better control the situation during childbirth. There is also eighth, and ninth, etc. But perhaps that’s enough about the benefits of swimming during pregnancy.

The useful benefits of swimming during pregnancy for the baby?

And here’s another amenity: swimming during pregnancy is good for your Petites! Besides being calm and relaxation, achieved by the mother during swimming lessons, and transmitted to the child, it is in the pool, in the water, when the internal and external environment are in perfect harmony, the baby feels the maximum unity with the mother. Also, according to doctors, that swimming helps the child to take the correct, desired position in the uterus. This is especially important in late pregnancy. In some cases, when the detected improper fetal presentation, specially expectant moms are advised to swim to give him the opportunity to turn over.

What pregnancy swim shows?

As the doctors say (and coaches swimming agree with them), start to swim as early as possible. That is literally from the first week of pregnancy. The earlier start – the better will strengthen the body, the easier it will be to give birth! And access to the pool right up to the birth! Start with 45 minutes of swimming a day and gradually increase to one and a half hours. In the classroom it is important to listen carefully to their feelings and never to swim! Only in the fun!

Are there any contraindications for swimming during pregnancy?

Unfortunately, even for swimming there are contraindications. That is why before going into the pool, it is necessary to consult a doctor! You cannot attend swimming lessons, if there is a threat of interruption of pregnancy if doctors diagnose placenta previa, if you are experiencing heavy vaginal discharge of any etiology. Also, the pity of it, to swim in the pool will not be able moms who are allergic to chlorine, which is always present in the water.

So, benefit from swimming together quite obvious and don’t hesitate: hurry grab your towel, swimsuit and ran into the pool! Hey, just to the doctor first, don’t forget to stop by!


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