Recovery. Funds from fatigue. Your path to health and beauty


After active muscular activity in man inevitably there is an exhaustion, which is a physiological mechanism,

protect the body against overvoltage and enhancing health in the future.So at the end of the workout to be afraid of fatigue not necessary, especially since the workouts without fatigue does not happen. It is important only to the degree consistent with wasted effort.

Fight fatigue help a proper balanced diet, regular drink, relaxation and

quality rest after a workout, as well as short sleep in the middle of the day.

The degree of fatigue and the recovery rate are determined by complex interacting factors, main of which are:

– the nature and the intensity and amount of work;

– the condition;

– the level of preparedness of the athlete;

– the age and individual characteristics of the athlete;

– the regime that preceded the work;

– the skills to properly relax, etc.

The duration of recovery in different situations, all people can vary from few minutes to several hours or days. What the recovery process is shorter, the faster the body will be ready for the next load, and the higher their effectiveness.

In the human body bodybuilders, at increasing physical activity can develop two completely opposite States:

– increase endurance and performance, if correctly to ensure the restoration and replenishment of energy resources;

– lack of energy and chronic fatigue in the absence of regular restore;

The recovery rate is among the main indicators of the fitness of the organism.

The effects of sun, water and air, massage and other procedures referred to AIDS recovery. They can lead to a positive result, but only when combined with the natural recovery of the body of the athlete with the rise of fitness. If recovery is well organized, loads are perceived most favorably, on what later and observed health effect of sports in General.

For the prevention of a state of overtraining is important to have the optimal training load. In this case, the athlete will not threaten the depletion of body reserves. And full recovery after the previous load will contribute to the optimal interval between workouts. No matter what tools will be used to accelerate recovery, their effectiveness will occur only with proper training and also the mode of work and rest.

One of the most powerful natural factors controlling the metabolism is proper nutrition . It has the ability to give regenerative processes of body energy content, vitamins and minerals.

About drugs sports nutrition and pharmacological means . helps to recover faster the body after stress, can be found in separate sections of the website.

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