Cross-country skiing – Training in the summer

Many beginners believe that the major events in the life of a skier starts from the day when the snow falls.

However, it is not.

Reading the Chapter on training, you probably have learned that it is planned for the whole year. Modern skiers, as representatives of other sports activities, train all year round. This allows them to achieve high results on the track.

Not long ago, skiers in the summer, almost not practiced. They dabbled in other sports, or vacationing. And the Finns and the Norwegians, for example, worked in the lumber camps, where heavy physical work helped to develop the desired skier physical qualities, prepared for the season. But growing competition on the track, increasing the skill of the skiers, and simple physical work in the summer was not enough. Now skiers for summer training is paid no less attention than winter.

If you are fascinated skiing, then you must train in the spring, summer, and autumn. Otherwise every next winter will have to start over.

When drafting lesson plans for summer vacation turn for help to a school teacher. Knowing your options, it will pick the right for you exercise, advise, what qualities should “tighten up” over the summer.

During summer vacation, try to perform tasks that will help you to maintain fitness.

The first quest – develop General endurance

Endurance in the summer it is best to cultivate long-lasting exercises: running, walking, swimming, Biking, games. The primary tool is running. Boys 11-12 years in one workout, one can run up to 4 km, 13-14 years – up to 8 km, 15-16 years – up to 12 km Tempo run should not be high. To adjust it the same way as in winter, on pulse.

In the first exercise heart rate should not exceed 140 beats per minute. To run best on forest trails, fields, Park, hills, sandy beach.

The pace and the duration should be increased gradually. If you by the end of summer will be without much effort to withstand a half hour of cross-country running, so you are well prepared for winter classes.

Don’t forget about the accelerations. Well, if you can run for much longer. But even the best run for long, and quickly.

It is useful to prepare yourself for “ragged” rhythm of running, i.e. with the change of speeds. However, especially fond of accelerations should not be.

Perfectly develops strength endurance rowing – it strengthens the muscles of the legs, arms and especially your back. Highly recommend getting on the water with the steering. Well, to say that the guys who cannot swim, it is strictly forbidden to sit in the boat, probably unnecessary.

One or two workouts on the water a week is enough. Distance rowing boat – 4-5 km.

Long rowing – employment rather tedious, so before and after it you can play football or basketball. The game helps to remove the fatigue.

Another means of development of endurance – intensive walk over rough terrain. Fast walking stride-lunge trains the muscles, the cardiovascular system, respiration. The walk can be combined with running and jumping.

Summer swim more. Not zaplyvy far better measure along the shore a distance of 50-100 m, put visible pushpins and swim from one pylon to the other. Consider how many meters you swim without rest. The best workout for skiers – a long period of smooth sailing.

In late summer you can test your strength after swimming the distance for a while. According to the standards of the school curriculum need to swim 50 m without regard to time or considering it: for girls – 1 min – 1 min 30 sec, for boys – 50 sec – 1 min 20 sec.

For training you can use and Cycling. However, not every riding will benefit the athlete. If you’re after 100-200 m, stopped to talk to friends, and then ride a little more, stopped again or went barely pedaling, your endurance will not improve. Bike riding becomes a practice only under condition, if it is continuous and long-lasting – at least 15-20 minutes on rough terrain or 30-40 minutes on the asphalt road at a good pace.

The second quest – develop themselves fully

Quickness, strength, agility, the ability to maintain balance and flexibility are developing very well in sports and active games. Where ever you are in the summer, everywhere you can find peers to play a variety of games. In addition to physical qualities, the game helps to raise the will to win, resourcefulness, determination, courage, teamwork.

Games for training can be selected to develop the desired quality. The load is easy to adjust the pace of the game, duration, and conditions. The faster the pace of the game, so it should be shorter.

The game should be able to finish this in time. Continuous playing football in the yard for hours not coached, and periotoneal the body. Game for training should not take more than 30-40 minutes. Plug it in training session no more than 2 times a week. Games such as basketball, football, handball, “Tag”, “Virutally”, running race, relay race with running, develop quickness, agility, coordination; games with resistance (e.g., Rugby), with tug, relay races with jumps – force; the game of “Rounders”, “Knock out of the circle”, “Tag” – agility.

In addition, for the development of speed and agility, you can perform these exercises:

The sprint – 30-40 m with a maximum speed of 4-5 times.

Long jump, lots-skokie, jumping over obstacles, ripping off tree branches in the 10 to 15 jumps.

Completing a series of exercises, you can repeat it after 4-6 minutes. Check out the development of speed, ran 30 meters to go and comparing with the result shown earlier.

Agility help to develop various acrobatic exercises that must be performed on grass or on the sand, tumbling, jumps, spins, flips and gymnastic exercises on the balance beam, high bar, parallel bars.

The ability to keep the balance necessary for the skier to maintain stability when sliding, descents, and turns. To train this ability can practicing on a narrow high support (beam, rail). Moving on or standing on one leg, it is necessary to perform movements with the arms and waist, jumping, Mahi. Such exercises can be included in the exercise and alternate them with exercises on strength and technique.

Flexibility develop exercises with gradually increasing amplitude of the swing movement. The simplest exercises for flexibility – tilts forward and backward without bending your legs at the knees, bending to the side, Mahi straight leg forward-upward, sideways, backwards (the supporting leg is straight), jiggle and turns into a deep lunge, prosperity and splits, the arching back, the bridge, rotate the torso to the side, torso rotation, swings and jerks straight arms up to the sides, rotate hands back and forth. Exercises can be done from different starting positions – standing, sitting, lying. These exercises do not require lots of stress, they need to be repeated at least 15-20 times, trying to increase the range of movement. They perform better in charging and at the end of the workout.

Special attention should be given to the development of force. Force skiers develop with the help of exercises on the gymnastic equipment (parallel bars, rings), jumps, mnogostankov.

Exercises to develop strength and endurance a lot. One should choose those that would develop all the muscle groups. Here is a sample set of exercises for strength and power endurance:

Flexion and extension of hands in push-up position or in the emphasis on the bench.

Bowing back standing (to get hands heel) – forward tilt-down.

Pull-UPS or on a tree branch.

Change of leg in the lunge jump.

From push-up position the stop squatting push both legs.

Lifting straight leg raises on the bar.

Squat on one leg (“gun”).

The turning and rotating the torso.

From squat or half squat jumping up.

From a prone position, lifting the torso, legs, feet and torso together.

Exercises should be repeated at least 10 times the number of repetitions from week to week, an increase of three to five. The complex may consist of fewer exercises, and perform it in a different way: for example, exercises 1, 4, 5, 9 and 10 with the maximum speed for 20-30 seconds rest between exercises 1 minute. Perform complex from 1 to 5 times, i.e. series. Rest between series – 2 minutes.

11-12-year-old students should perform one or two series, each exercise for 20 seconds, 13-14-year – two-three series, 15-17 – year-old to start with two series and by the beginning of September to bring up to four. The exercise increases (from 30 seconds to 1 minute).

You can use this set:

Fast walking, then Jogging for a distance of approximately 50 m in the water just above the knee. Repeat the exercise 6-8 times. Movement of the arms and legs a vigorous and wide (Fig. 68). To avoid injury, the bottom of the reservoir should be checked. However, we recommend for this exercise, always wear old Slippers or shoes.

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