Interview with Nadezhda Langerman

Fitness instructor Nadezhda Langerman:”Any activity – it’s great!”

Hope Langerman

fitness instructor

Sports boom is sweeping the world. Every few months in Vladivostok opens new fitness clubs, health clubs and beauty, gyms, sports and dance Studio. At the moment 2GIS has 63 fites club, 11 yoga studios, 51 dance Studio and 9 swimming pools. In connection with this sports activity, we decided to speak with the Hope that Langerman, fitness instructor and personal trainer at

women’s fitness club ’s Fitness Lady”.

Hope, please tell us how long You exercise?

From my early childhood. As soon as I turned 3 years old, my parents took me to the section of rhythmic gymnastics. Then 5 years I studied ballet. In 15 years was fond of volleyball and played until the end of University. So sport has always been an integral part of my life.

When did you decide to do it professionally, to make the sport not only in the hobby, but in a job?

About 5 years ago. I was trained in the “Master Jim”, as you know, this is the official regional representative of the International Federation of Aerobics and Fitness FISAF in Vladivostok. Received a certificate of basic training, strength training and step aerobics. At this point I calmed down and continued his studies in the “orange life”, where he received the opportunity to teach Hot Iron. Knowledge and certificates were purchased and I was invited to work in the “World Class”, where I successfully worked for 3 years.

Many girls come to the gym with full confidence in their abilities. But not everyone is able to achieve results independently. Tell the difference between a session with a personal trainer from self-training?

Good question. Indeed, I often see a similar picture. Most visitors to the gym can handle inventory. But not all perform the exercises correctly, which can lead to injury, and often to lack of results. For every workout was the most effective, necessary program. And it can change every two weeks. Because the body gets used to the loads. Plus each body individually. Someone fit some exercise, others.

A certain percentage of people prefer to exercise at home, resorting to various video lessons. Can these classes to be effective?

Any activity is great! If one knows and understands your body does not deviate from its goal, and then at home it can achieve positive change. But in group classes, for example, it is impossible “fake it”. Besides the atmosphere and forces. When next they jump around and the rock press’s silly to keep up with the other.

Is it possible using training to change the shape of the buttocks or to enlarge your Breasts?

Change the shape of the buttocks or to increase them, of course. True you will need a large amount of time, a great desire and brutal labor. This process on average takes about a year. Yes — Yes! Do not think that only a couple hundred squats will make your butt Brazilian walnut. For the month, you can already see how she pulls up. You need to start with nutrition, then add the load, then we gradually increase the weight until the “trial” of the gluteal muscle. With the breast all the way. We, the women, the breast is not made of muscles, and fat. Therefore, to increase it only by plastic surgery. In training, we can only to raise it a little, but not anymore.

Let’s talk about food. What it should be the active exercise?

The food in the first place, should be correct and balanced. I’m not going to say anything about fast – food and sugary fizzy drinks. Today, even people far from the sport knows about the dangers of such foods. The diet should be as follows: in the morning we loaded carbohydrates. This means that our Breakfast should consist of oatmeal or Herculean porridge, breads and fruits. You can drink a Cup of coffee, even with sugar. After a couple of hours we make a snack. For this fit an Apple, banana or dried fruit. In the afternoon our plate should consist of half carbs and half protein. We can eat soup, salad, and that — some fish or meat. The main thing is not to overeat! Get up from the table a little hungry. Because overeating even vegetables. And all of this will turn to fat. After lunch, if possible, one should abandon carbohydrates. If not, then at least to minimize their consumption. Dinner should be 4 hours before sleep, not later. The best option — it’s not heavy protein. For example, cottage cheese or eggs.

How do you feel about sports supplements, for example, protein, L-carnitine? Are they necessary for the structure of the new body?

No, without them it is possible to do. But if you do, it is important to follow basic your diet. Generally, sports supplements — a controversial issue. Still no concrete opinions, how they act. L-carnitine, for example, for every body to go on — different. Who — we said that L-carnitine increases energy and drive, and who — in addition to heart palpitations causes nothing.

What basic exercises our female readers will be able to perform at home?

For the house is quite suitable for squats, lunges, push-UPS and press. Three to five approaches, for 10 to 30 repetitions. Depending on the physical training. Also not to forget about running. Of course, to build muscles for running, but it’s a great way to get rid of excess weight. People unprepared to begin with walking, gradually move to Jogging. Then running intervals gradually increase. When the body gets used to the loads need to strive for forty minutes without stopping. Then it is recommended to increase the mileage. As for the skipping rope. Jumping will help strengthen the calves, thighs, abs.

Let’s join the sports boom, will become beautiful and happy!

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