Preparation for the study of sperm

A study ordered by Your doctor. The purpose of the study is to objectively evaluate Your reproductive function. To obtain reliable results, You need to prepare yourself for undertaking this study.

Disposable containers for the collection of semen can be obtained in the clinical diagnostic laboratory in 712 office.

Preparing to study:

The ejaculate should be collected after sexual abstinence for at least 2 days and not more than 7 days. Failure to observe the time interval in sexual abstinence, frequent sexual intercourse may promote a dramatic decrease in the number of sperm in the ejaculate and their quality parameters (motility, viability). Abstinence more than 6-7 days a part of the sperm (the “old”) is discharged into the seminal vesicles and dies. To assess accurately in this case, the function of the testicles is impossible.

Do not consume alcohol in any quantity within 6-7 days before the examination. Try to eliminate for 2.5 months before the study of toxic factors. Chronic intoxication (alcohol, tobacco, narcotic, production, medicines, etc.) will naturally lead to lower quality and sometimes the quantity of ejaculate. The use of alcohol, drugs and other toxic substances within 5-10 days before testing contributes to the accumulation of toxic substances in the body and may reduce the quality of sperm.

In inflammatory diseases of the urethra and/or prostatovesiculitis complex, it is recommended to investigate the ejaculate after 2 weeks after treatment of the underlying disease (in liquidation drug intoxication). Intoxication on the background of acute and chronic diseases can lead to reduced quantity and quality of ejaculate.

Nutritional factors – malnutrition, vitamin deficiency – can lead to complete lack of development of sperm.

It is necessary to abandon the study of ejaculate, if within 7 to 10 days before analysis were colds or other acute disease, occurring with fever. Hyperthermia (domestic, industrial and febrile conditions) on the process of spermatogenesis occurring normally in the temperature at 2-3ºC below body temperature. Hyperthermia can decrease both qualitative and quantitative indicators of sperm. Before you ejaculate, you need to abandon procedures with overheating (UHF, saunas, baths).

After the massage prostate ejaculate should be postponed.

The day before the date of the ejaculate it is necessary to exclude physical condition, in a conflict situation. The night before testing is recommended to ensure proper rest. Physical fatigue (work the night shift, heavy exercise, sleepless night on the eve of passing semen analyses) can lead to violations of the production of ejaculate, and a reduction in the quality of sperm.

The receipt of ejaculate

The collection of the ejaculate, the patient performs independently by Masturbation. Getting ejaculate in the health care setting is preferred.

It is not recommended to obtain ejaculate to use coitus interruptus, condom. Cream, vaseline, used during Masturbation can have a damaging effect on sperm.

The material must be fully assembled. Tell your doctor if part of the ejaculate did not get into the jar, there was incomplete ejaculation.

Immediately after receiving the ejaculate to deliver material obtained in the laboratory in warm (at body temperature). During transport to the laboratory should protect the material against extreme temperatures (below 20°C and above 40°C) to avoid their negative impact on sperm motility. The ejaculate should be delivered to the laboratory within 1 hour after receiving it. On the container to specify your name, the date and time of receipt of ejaculate.

It is very important that You accurately follow these recommendations, because only in this case will be obtained consistent results.

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