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The recovery of the body after stress

Usually after a severe and prolonged physical and emotional stress the entire human body, especially the muscles get strong overload and stress, restoring to it’s original physical form and emotional tone going on for quite a while.

Athletes have only 2 outlets or wait for full muscle recovery forces of the organism . and not to interfere in this process. Or use quick methods to restore the body and muscles to help your body to recover . and thus to be able to do more and achieve greater results.

Naturally in conditions of tough competition in the field of sports and sports technology, the athletes just have to resort to various methods of accelerated muscle recovery, and who wants to feel pain or discomfort in the muscles for a long period of time.

Also, all of these methods will help to quickly restore your nervous system, and not just from sports exertion, but mental, and even from nervous exhaustion at work and stress.

The most effective methods of recovery:

Massage for recuperation

This is a wonderful universal recovery tool, one of the best and quickly as reducing muscle tone after training, and retaining emotionally after a nervous and emotionally hard day.

There are a huge number of massage, we will return to them, and a detailed look at the most popular in separate articles. But at least for athletes there is a special sports massage . for relaxation from stress and mental work there is an anti-stress (relaxing) massage, relaxation and a few similar types of massage.

Professional athletes and sports teams, have personal massage therapists, their services are expensive but it gives a good recovery effect. But if you can’t afford a therapist, there is an opportunity to do self-massage of the neck and limbs, or better yet ask your mate to give you a little massage after a workout or a busy day.

Massage is useful for muscles and skin, and General emotional state, to do massage at home either with the use of special massage oils or conventional oils, such as olive or grapeseed oil.


Also a wonderful view as revitalizing, and restorative body treatments. At first, especially if you are cold, start with a hot shower and warm the muscles, then switch to a cold shower, and after 30 seconds again, the hot, and so a few times. Finish best is a cold shower, it will provide hardening throughout the body. At first, make small the temperature difference between the hot and cold water, but gradually increase it.

Douches will harden your body, easily relieve your tiredness during the day, or Vice versa prepare for the beginning of the new working day, as well as vastly increase the immune system and improve blood circulation. Also a cold shower if the water pressure you have enough strong, can replace ordinary massage. Or rather the science is called hydro.

Now on the contrary there was a lot of different devices for water massage from the expensive massage baths and Jacuzzi, to usual tiny trays exclusively for foot massage, which is also incidentally a good idea, and gives a relaxing effect. Therefore, it is very good for health and body tone to get a habit every day to take a contrast shower.

Proper sports nutrition

Usually there are two of the most important problems in nutrition

1) Lack of vitamins. To get sufficient amounts of vitamins and minerals that will improve your overall endurance and speed up the process of recovery after stress, both physical and intellectual, you need to eat more fresh fruit. Also they have a lot of carbohydrates that are quickly digested and give a lot of quick energy for active movement.

Especially recommended to eat the sweet fruit after a hard workout, eat a couple of bananas in the locker room immediately after exercise, it is one of the essential rituals of many body builders.

2) a Lack of protein. For quick recovery, and especially for muscle growth, the body needs large amounts of protein, so so prevalent all sorts proteins for athletes. Generally if you do not use sports nutrition and exercise, then you will be very difficult to consume too much protein, in 90% of cases you consume less protein than necessary.

On average, the athlete is required from 2 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight, and preferably much more. There are even studies in the US that consuming up to 400% of the recommended norm of protein significantly reduces the risk of overtraining in athletes . especially training for increased muscle size.

The most protein-rich foods that are easy to get on the regular market, any meat, especially often use chicken breast, they are more accessible, and poultry meat is less harmful than pork and beef, also it easier to cook and more tender. Great also to use the fish from tuna to trout, eggs, cottage cheese is better low fat because it has more protein, any beans and nuts.

These are the main sources of protein, eat enough of them and your body will be thanking you the growth of good mood and sports results. There are many other sources of protein, but this topic we’ll discuss in detail separately. And also we have a whole article on proper sports nutrition in endurance sports.

Swimming for relaxation

If you swim a bit after a workout, it will only increase the recovery ability of your muscles and will calm your nervous system . When swimming are very harmonious loads on your body . working all the muscles, but a little different than on land, and if you nowhere in a hurry, your body is resting from hard work, but swimming is also optional.

Even if you do not have a pool you can just relax and can sit quietly in a little warm water in the bathroom, and even better in the Jacuzzi . or even take a shower in the cockpit of the jets, well, in extreme cases, even smeared mud, swim in the river or even in the hole.

All this is a great methods to restore the body, and this will have a major impact on accelerating the recovery of your muscles after exercise. More than only useful calming effect on the entire nervous system after a stressful day, especially if you add in your bath special designated of bath salts.

This is not a complete list of all available and effective methods to restore the body after stress, but other methods read the following article on the methods of restoration of the organism. And now I wish you a pleasant and quick rest, rapid progress in the sport, forget about stress and be happy. Also if you can read several excellent methods for rapid muscle recovery and body as a whole.

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