A healthy lifestyle is the key to longevity and well-being

Our world is rapidly improving, quality of life improves and people can afford much more than before. 20 years ago a cell phone was a luxury, and now every advanced student has a pic. Manufacturers have hit us with goods that were once scarce, the shelves are groaning with the abundance of imported and domestic products, a huge part of the population moved on expensive imported cars.

And improvements are observed not only in the sphere of production. Russian society has become more relaxed. No one is trying to declare the mythical freedom, effectively standing on a tank in front of the main administrative building of the country. Political clowns of course remained, but the Russians have become more indifferent to their statements and the revolution was definitely not planned. Many Russians have the opportunity to conduct their business, universal statistics of drunkenness falling.

But not everything is so perfect and wonderful as it might seem at first glance. The fact that the Russian health is deteriorating and that’s a fact. Increases the number of deaths from diseases of different etiology, the number of chronically sick people, and it pleases only the owners of publish hospitals, the number of which is increased in comparison with 2000 more than 3 times.

Why do people get sick?

The expansion of production in most cases leads to deterioration of the environment in the region where production capacity is concentrated. The increase in vehicles, especially noticeable in large cities, also contributes to ecological collapse in separate quarters, districts or in the city.

Chronic diseases can be due to poor nutrition. The choice of food has increased, but not all products have useful properties. In General, we can say that fast food restaurants are thriving at the expense of our health.

Stress may also cause various diseases. but there is good news. In order to enjoy all the benefits of modern civilization and live happily ever after, quite simply lead a healthy lifestyle.

A healthy lifestyle implies a set of specific actions aimed at preserving and improving the most precious thing you have – your health.

The three Golden rules healthy life:

1. Pay attention to your nutrition, it’s more important than it might seem. As soon as you start to eat rationally, you will feel a significant improvement. Man is so constituted that it can eat a variety of foods to get the calories and live an active life. However, there are products, which in addition to useful nutrients are undesirable components. A vivid example of such goods is the production of fast food – burgers, sandwiches and chips. There is nothing wrong to eat one Burger, but the daily consumption of hamburgers will definitely lead to obesity, changes in the blood composition and the decline in overall activity. If you are by the nature of their work have to buy lunch at a fast food restaurant, try to minimize the consumption of hamburgers, sandwiches and chips.

For the normal functioning of the human body should be 1.5-2 litres of water a day. Should be at least approximately within this framework, but this does not mean that you need every day to drink 2 liters of water. Much more useful would be to increase the consumption of fruits and vegetables that also contain water, additional nutrients and vitamins. Daily intake of fruits and vegetables helps to improve complexion and optimizes the function of all internal organs. If you do not have the ability or desire every day to eat a few oranges, apples, tomatoes and cucumbers, you’d still need to fill vitamin balance in the body by using synthetic vitamin complexes. It is advisable to consume multivitamins, because they contain absolutely all of the vital vitamins. The most important for human life vitamins C, B and A. An adult healthy person can be quite a 0.1 – 0.2 g of vitamin C daily, but it is better to use other vitamins, particularly if you exercise.

2. A healthy sleep. Due to the great importance of this moment, healthy sleep as a separate item. Good condition of body and mind is possible only under condition of regular rest. Eight hours of sleep is vital to any person, and if your life is too little or too many hours spent on leisure, it means your life is not optimal. Change your daily routine so that sleep was paid exactly 8 hours daily.

3. Exercise. Without exercise, you will be able to keep your health on some level, but not improve it. People involved in sports are less likely to get diseases and stresses. If you live in the city, attend a fitness center, as this institution will allow you to quickly just get in a great shape. Fitness center – this is the place where sports activities are organized in the most convenient way. At the fitness center you will be able to choose a set of exercises, what will be best for you, and it created all the necessary conditions.

Observing the three Golden rules of a healthy lifestyle, you will ensure a successful future will be in great shape and in good spirits. A long and healthy life is worth it to ignore bad habits and make adjustments in accordance with the above rules of a healthy lifestyle.


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