Chinese gymnastics Zigun

In various historical and cultural traditions of the many peoples that inhabit our earth has the idea of some universal life substance, known under such names as Chi, Ojas, pneuma, prana, the “world ether” etc.

There are many different styles of qigong, which is easy to learn even a written guide, but get the result in this case is achieved by mandatory daily workouts

From the point of view of an ordinary person described below actions defy logic, and from the standpoint of the practice of the qigong practitioner learns to see and feel through the palms, as they are the projections of the cerebral hemispheres

Drink water in the form of sacred craneWhile in the initial position, practicing, eyes closed, is the image of the sacred crane, standing on the shore of a lake or the sea and drinking water from it, containing immortality.

Practicing intensely rubs his hands to feel warmth. Closing his eyes, he is a large, marine, merry, magic dragon, which stands on the seabed and tail mixes the water. The resulting funnel in his kidneys, leaving them clean, bright energy

In the practice of the Imperial qigong there are two types of exercises with the ball. First performed at the initial level of training. The second relate to a deeper level of practice

The philosophy of qigong

The history of qigong goes back centuries in many thousands of years. In China animal bones found with images of people engaged in this practice. The findings of more than 7,000 years. This system existed long before the advent of the Olympic games and the birth of Confucius.

Qigong practice has as its main objective the development of creative abilities of each individual, which he could use for his personal benefit and for the benefit of those around him

From the point of view of conventional physics people, practicing the exercises on the system of qigong, specifically strengthened in imagine the energy flows from space and earth, and thereby gradually restores his deformed or broken ties with nature at the level of the psychophysical field

Lifetime defines the qi stored in the kidneys called the roots of life. Therefore, the primary objective of the Wellness practice of qigong is an exercise related to restoring kidney qi, which automatically extends the lifespan

From the perspective of qigong Man is himself the source and cause of all their troubles and victories or samonakodom and sampooran simultaneously in one person, without intermediaries. While this is just the Author’s words and the look we slip a little in the direction of in the direction of Nature

Qi – the Heavenly river. How to understand what is Qi? To understand what Qi can only use models to understand the phenomenon

Wellness qigong

Among the great diversity of styles and schools of qigong methods revealed in this world for the needs of all those who are interested, a special place is occupied by the Imperial qigong, the practice of which is the acquisition of the ability to live a full life without food or water.

Since there is a relationship to physical health and psychological state after passage of a seminar on the I stage, I started to offer psychological consultation to its clients a separate exercise from the Zhong yuan qigong as a preventive, Wellness

Dynamic qigong Europeans.The essence is that the bodies of Europeans and Asians have different natural frequencies and the corresponding point of activation of the internal energy. From this it follows that the radicals may, if desired, easily and harmoniously incorporate in your body dynamic directional flows of energy in full compliance with the intended purpose.

Bodhidharma, translated from Sanskrit means the Path of Reason – the legendary Master of antiquity.

Qigong therapy

Qigong as any self-sufficient system has its own philosophy that in Nature there are no irreversible processes. There exists a mechanism of self-healing of biological objects

Qigong as a means of strengthening the body. A systemic approach to strengthening the body within health exercises qigong system

Describe the principles of energetic massage and self-massage. The technique is a natural logical extension of such publications as “What is the information from the perspective of qigong”, “Philosophy qigong – Prints of the Creator” and “Qi – celestial river

Breathing exercises qigong

Breathing exercises relates to methods of management of fundamental life resource person – breathing

Breathing exercises of this type is a natural extension of the practices that are performed at rest

Breathing exercises can be considered as a powerful tool control their behavior and health

Breathing exercises qigong is a fairly wide range of different exercises, which are used independently and are part of the various health systems and complexes as their essential component.

The Qigong

The basis of this article is the personal experience of the author gained over the years, prepodavaniyu.

Goethe said that “love and famine rule the world”. Love, as a complex psycho-emotional experience of a person, sooner or later leads to sex. Eastern cultural tradition attaches great importance to the development of the sexual abilities of any person along with qualities such as education and the ability to behave in society.

Zhong yuan qigong is one of the oldest systems of healing human health and the development of his hidden abilities. Training methods are very effective and within seven and a half thousand years until 1992 was kept in the strictest confidence.

Dynamic qigong is a yoga, tai Chi Chuan and qigong, combined in a smooth, harmonious and never repetitive human movements

Qigong practice

This publication belongs to the series of articles relating to General principles of qigong practice and is designed for people of European mentality

This the publication relates to the basic principles of qigong practice and the natural order follows the exercise Big tree, which is designed for typing practicing free energy (Qi) from the external environment.

Internal attention is a key concept, the Foundation of all qigong practice. Conscious understanding this is the key to all systems of exercise

This article completes the series of publications devoted to the basic principles of qigong practices, such as “Revitalization of the energy system of the practitioner”, “the Practice of a Large Tree” and “Qi Transformation”.


In the ancient treatises of this kind of practice is called” Dao Yin” or the comprehension of the secret nature of the Tao.

Ladies and gentlemen, Qigong can significantly slow down, slow down the depreciation of the body and the soul”

Qigong – special energy exercises for long life, good health and successful work man

In all systems of qigong practice begins with the development of recreational facilities, the purpose of which is beatapriestley all functions of the human body.

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