Physical activity and heart

The scientific work of doctors

Yet the Roman poet Horace advocated “race for life”. “From a significant portion of diseases you can get rid of correct breathing, regular work, generally any kind of physical movements.

Movement is life,” wrote Voltaire. The reason for the increased number of functional disorders of the nervous system and circulatory system scientists believe lack of exercise is the reduction of motor activity of modern man. And therefore one of the important factors of the effectiveness of prevention and treatment of coronary heart disease are active in the movement – the lessons of physical culture and sports. Using physical activity, measured depending on the age and state of health, you can get significant health benefits.

In Ancient Greece and Rome exercise treated warnambool the treatment of many diseases. Ancient scholar Herodotus, among the pupils of which were listed and the “father of medicine” Hippocrates, argued that the origin of all diseases are based on the error in the food and physical activity. A favorite recipe of Herodotus in the treatment of many diseases was to walk. However, I must say that even then, it was known that increased physical activity not useful for everyone. So, in his writings, Hippocrates reproached Herodotus that assigned them therapeutic walk (route with a total length of 18 kilometers) Continue reading

The time of recovery of skeletal muscle after exercise

Bodybuilding. How fast to build muscle?!

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The time of recovery of skeletal muscle after exercise

After a while, I sometimes re-read your posts. When it comes to fresh thought or if I decide. something’s not finished, I’m updating and upgrading. So this article considered incomplete and decided to add. In the scientific wilds will not go.

This information will be especially useful for bodybuilders straight.

The recovery time of the muscles in bodybuilding – this is one of the most important factors in muscle growth. As you know, muscles do not grow during training. and during the rest and recovery. Even if you follow all the rules of bodybuilding workouts, without sufficient time to recover all your efforts will be wasted.

Everyone who started bodybuilding, Continue reading

How to breathe correctly when Behe

Many do not know, but proper breathing is a very important aspect of every workout, whether it be running or performing any physical exercise. In addition, proper breathing not only performs the function of increasing the comfort and effectiveness of the exercise, and that raises the overall stamina of our body when that lends itself to physical activity.

This is because during physical activity, the level of absorption of

oxygen by the body increases. When running runs very large number of muscle groups. accordingly, the oxygen demand is very high. When a person fails to breathe properly during exercise, will decrease the overall strength endurance because the muscles will not be supplied with sufficient oxygen. In addition, the athlete increases the risk to make injury. For strength training in the gym proper breathing contributes Continue reading

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