How to quit Smoking without gaining weight?

How to quit Smoking without gaining weight?

Is it true that when you quit Smoking, better?

Unfortunately, this claim is quite valid reasons. Quitting Smoking can really provoke weight gain and there are quite objective reasons. The fact that the usual dose of nicotine in the body is not supplied and this increases the feeling of hunger. Nicotine hunger is very similar to conventional, and therefore a former smoker tries to drown it in extra meals. Our brain is designed in such a way that the area responsible for hunger, pleasure and any dependencies are in close proximity to each

other. Therefore, the food saturation slightly dulls the nicotine hunger.

This is the main reason for the appearance of extra pounds in those who decided to abandon cigarette addiction. In the early days is very important, to endure hunger, to withstand the power in normal mode and extent as to cast Smoking.

If you do not cause weight gain can serve not only the initial desire to drown the nicotine hunger, but also the fact that the stomach is stretched, the body will quickly become accustomed to the intake of calories in the new volume, and after you have successfully stop Smoking, You will continue to eat food in increased quantities and get better. Succumbing to a hungry rush in the early days, enhanced diet can easily become the norm for You and then avoid excess weight will fail.

If the hunger is unbearable, quench its vegetables or fruits, liquids will also help him to overpower. What you should not do is to seize the nicotine need chips, candy, sweet rolls, cookies or cakes. Eat more often, 5-6 times a day, but in much smaller quantities. In any case, do not overeat, especially at night. Besides fruits and vegetables, snacking can be, for example, yogurt or kefir. A common mistake seeds to get involved in the process of quitting Smoking, this is not worth. There’s a massive amount of fat, though, and vegetation, can significantly influence the appearance of excess weight, especially given the volume of seeds that are usually absorbed at this time. Foods rich in proteins and dietary fibers, on the contrary recommended, they are not just stimulate the activity of the digestive tract, but also guarantee the sensation of satiety. Increase the consumption of any liquids, they will blunt both hunger and will encourage the removal of toxic substances from the body, and therefore faster to get rid of the desire to smoke.

In part, the assertion about burning calories in the process of Smoking is, however, and the body can really burn a day extra 100 calories. These energy costs are going to intensify the work on cleansing the body and excretion from the harmful, toxic substances. Besides getting rid of the load of our body, experiencing a peculiar stress, it is necessary to adapt to new conditions. As you know, stress also stimulates the appetite, and will get better until a new scheme of work of the body, You risk losing control of the weight.

To quit Smoking without gaining weight You will help of physical activity exercise and any exercise. First of all, it will distract You from pursuing thoughts about cigarettes, and also will allow you to maintain your figure and to get rid of excess calories. Remember that the weight is increased only when the number of calories consumed exceeds the amount consumed. This means that, even without increasing the volume of food consumed, You already have at least 100 extra calories, previously combusted at combating toxins.

The best sports that help to cope with the addiction to Smoking, is swimming. This sport showed the highest results in the study the test group for the preservation of shape in the process of quitting Smoking. Even better results will be obtained combining sports and overall cleansing of the body. Contributing to this acceleration of the processes of metabolism and excretion of toxins, which are richly arched body nicotine addiction.

If You want to quit Smoking without gaining weight, do it safely and confidently, dramatically and rapidly. Do not stretch the cast process, for those who do, the problem increases significantly. It is not justified by the fear of gaining weight, in the end, their own health is much more important, even at the cost of a few extra pounds. Remember that you are gaining weight, not all smokers, but only those who have one addiction replaces another when the smoke comes overeating.

Try to get rid of everything that is associated with Smoking, which reminds about this harmful habit. Throw away lighters, ashtrays and more. If You are accustomed to Smoking “under” coffee or using alcohol, the maximum limit all contact with such “stimuli”. Ask relatives, friends, friends, that in your presence they didn’t smoke, didn’t invite You to places where Smoking.

It is helpful to use the auto-training, fortunately, today there are a lot of various audio and video that will help You quit Smoking faster and less stressful, and, therefore, not stout. Stimulate yourself to the fact that women who smoke are unattractive, early getting older and have health problems, and therefore it is not for You.

The basic rules of how to quit Smoking without gaining weight

1. Do not seize nicotine hunger. Extra pounds the destiny of those who replaces a smoke, overeating.

2. Chew wisely. If something to chew pulls so that no urine, let it be sugar-free chewing gum or an Apple.

3. Reduce your intake of fatty foods. Now Your body most vegetables require at least 250 g daily, fruit – 200-300 grams, nuts and very useful would be to eat several spoons of fiber, previously soaked in water.

4. Sport now is Your ally. He is able to distract, occupy Your thoughts, and to correct poor health, while Smoking. Enjoy a swim, if physical classes have neither the desire nor the time, do at least breathing exercises – it also helps to rid the body of toxins.

5. Remember: last already was. Your body will feel the strength of Your will power and subconscious mind to beg for a final cigarette. Do not go on about it, find the strength to resist the temptation, even in a stressful situation. Already in 5-7 days the body is able to overcome the physiological addiction, the need for the Smoking is a psychological addiction.

And last: without faith in the fact that to quit Smoking You should not do. If You are clear and unacceptable prospect of early aging, yellowed teeth, the stench from the mouth, the risk of malignant tumors, but still want to smoke, try to go to a therapist. It will help to resolve internal conflicts, will find for You the best motivation and help to give up bad habits easily and having fun doing it.

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