Method PSV

The method of Continuous Hidden training and physical Influence on the body (PSV)

A simple Way to Lead a healthy lifestyle without changing your lifestyle

The method of Continuous Hidden training and physical Influence on the body (PSV) is a system enhancement of natural physical activity (Snow ) for healing the body. PSV is a natural method of healing the body and the author’s system of physical therapy . Back pain and joint pain, varicose veins and cellulite on the legs, swelling and cramps, excess weight, shortness of breath, heart problems and blood vessels. All this and

thousands of other ailments and health problems and appearance are the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle . the result of lack of exercise . necessary for the health of each person. Modern man, being constantly under time pressure, feeling the fatigue from the huge psychological overload, as a rule, has no ability, effort, time and desire to visit the gym, to provide themselves with even the most minimal physical exertion, without which the human your body to work normally.

Exercise for the health of the PSV method will allow you to get rid of pain and problems associated with a sedentary lifestyle. After reviewing the ISL, You will be able to solve the problems associated with lack of exercise and lack of opportunities to play sports. You will always be able to stay in good physical shape if you use the natural ways of getting physical activity, which was developed in the framework of the method of Continuous Hidden training and physical Influence on the body. For this You do not have to spend time and significant effort.

Every modern man, leading a sedentary lifestyle, has health problems. The attempts of the majority to self-medicate lead to further aggravation of the problems. To solve them is impossible without increasing physical activity. To maintain health and good physical shape is not enough of the burdens that receives an absolute majority of modern people. Effective exercises developed by many. Their disadvantage is that to do the exercises recommended under the supervision of experts, but it needs to come to gyms and training under the supervision of a coach. For many people it’s hard. For some time, you might be willing to allocate the time, but certainly you are going to the fitness center of your life? The problem is that soon after the cessation of the practice of normal function of the body is broken again and health is deteriorating. For proper operation of the human body needs regular physical activity. Some people understand the direct relationship of their being and visual appeal of physical activity, exercise at home and in the halls, visit the pool or dancing, but usually these rare classes are still not enough for the body. It’s better than nothing, but many even on such classes is not enough time or money. Therefore, the majority of modern people experiencing an acute shortage of physical activity, i.e. suffers from inactivity, which, in turn, causes the development of diseases associated with a sedentary lifestyle. For these people the authors Potapkin S. V. and Kukharskiy I. Y. method was developed for Continuous Hidden training and physical Influence on the body (PSV).

A healthy lifestyle guarantees not only the preservation of health, – which in itself is unique in itself, but the opportunity to have a high-paying job and career prospects. In contrast, people with poor health, often sick, being in a state of depression, having low stress resistance, reduced performance, experiencing constant problems with physical and psychological well-being, a low-valued in the labour market is becoming less and demanded by society. In addition to physical and mental suffering associated with lack of health, you risk making things worse, being stranded on the side of life.

In short, “better to be rich and healthy. “The problem is that few people know, in the modern conditions of life to maintain good physical shape . to stay healthy and energetic. It is difficult to devote enough time to your health when you are busy all day with work, life, half life spend in traffic jams, and the you do not remain neither forces, nor time.

Material prosperity and a healthy lifestyle – things nowadays almost incompatible, luxury, accessible only to the elite. In order to make good money, work hard. In this work an absolute majority of modern humans are not related to physical effort, on the contrary, it attracts to jobs, deprives people of natural opportunities to move, paralyzing the normal operation of its internal organs.

Today, almost everyone knows firsthand what a lack of exercise and hypokinesia and what the effects of a sedentary lifestyle. But how to lead a healthy lifestyle . if you bound hand and foot, duties and obligations, working conditions and circumstances of life?

The constant lack of time, chronic fatigue, “diseases of lifestyle”, fatigue, low mood irritability be your constant companion. You really want to change the situation, but you don’t know how to do it?

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